Tether Router. Share your phone's data plan.

Use your phone's data plan anywhere you get a 3g/4g signal. Ideal for trips/vacations to share the internet with multiple devices. (Road trips, RV’s, Camping, Vacation home, etc.) Use as a backup to your high speed internet in case of internet outage.

* Android only

* Root Not Required

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Connect a 3g/4g USB modem. Share the internet.

Turn your USB modem into a wireless access point and make the internet available on all your devices.

USB modems are handy devices, but stop limiting your internet connection to just the device it's plugged into. Give all your devices wi-fi access when you plug it into the usb port on the Tether Router.

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Multiple modes. Take your pick.

The Tether Router can be easily changed into 1 of 5 different modes. There are 2 tethering options (regular data & hotspot data); plus wired, repeater, or modem modes.

* Tethering mode is Android only

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  • 580mhz CPU
  • DDR 64MB / FLASH 16MB
  • Internal Antenna Only - VPN Ready
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  • 580mhz CPU
  • DDR 128MB / FLASH 16MB
  • External Antenna Option - VPN Ready
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  • 650mhz CPU
  • DDR 128MB / Nor 16MB + Nand 128mb
  • External Antenna Option - VPN Ready


We setup every tether router for our customers, so allow 2 days processing from the time of order until shipping confirmation.


We allow a 14 day no questions asked return period on routers. * 10% restocking fee applies on returns. The standard warranty is 30 days, but you can updgrade that at checkout.


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