580mhz CPU


580mhz CPU
External Antenna option


650mhz CPU
DDR 128MB / Nor 16MB + Nand 128MB
External Antenna option

Tether Router

The Tether Router is an Openwrt equipped wi-fi router that is preconfigured to tether to your phone via USB cable.

Share your phone's internet data plan (that you're already paying for) with multiple devices.

  • Plug and play.  Just download the free tethering app and connect the cable from the phone to the router.
    • The free version of the App is time limited. After the trial period expires links will be limited to insecure traffic (http).  The paid version ($9.99) works for both insecure and secure (https) links.
  • No rooting required.

1. Share your phone’s [unlimited] data plan (even without a hotspot plan). * Android Only * Root not required

  • Use anywhere you get a 3g/4g signal and high speed internet is not available
  • Use on trips/vacations to share the internet with multiple devices.  Road trips, RV’s, Camping, Vacation home, Etc
  • Use as a backup to your high speed internet in case of internet outage

2. Tether via USB using your hotspot plan and share the internet wirelessly.  *Android Only * Root not required

  • Faster speed
  • USB tethering saves wear and tear on your phone.
    • USB tethering doesn’t use your phone’s wi-fi to tether.  (Wi-fi tethering using the built in app on your phone means the wi-fi and mobile radio are running at the same time, and the wi-fi is doing double duty. The phone’s battery and CPU will suffer as a result.)
  • Charges your phone while tethering.
3. Connect a 3g/4g USB modem to share the internet
  • Turn your USB modem into a wireless access point
4. Repeat a wi-fi signal (wireless repeater)
  • Connect to any wireless access point/hotspotShare the wi-fi connection with multiple devices

Brand new in the box

300Mbps wi-fi (2.4ghz b/g/n)

  • Tested to support up to 3 dozen wireless clients

VPN Ready

  • 20 Providers Preconfigured

2 ethernet ports for wired devices
Open-Wrt preinstalled

Tethering software installed and preconfigured

Router Control Panel

  • Basic and advanced (Luci)
  • Easily change the mode/settings

Compact size. Literally fits in your front pocket. 2"x2"x1" (half the length of a credit card)

Powered by micro-usb cable (any android phone cable).  Power by plugging into laptop usb, mobile car charger, power brick, or wall charger. 1 usb cable included.